>Have you ever looked at the care instructions for undergarments? It's all these little symbols that mean nothing to me. I spent all this money on a good bra recently and then realized I had no idea what I was supposed to do to clean it.

The arrival of my Cosabella Talco thong was an unexpected breakthrough. I looked at the label to see how to care for it, and much to my surprise, it had explanations next to each symbol. So if it winds up being good for nothing else, I can definitely get good use out of it by using the label to figure out how to clean my other lingerie.

This is the label on my Calvin Klein g-string. (Sorry it is blurry.) Even if it were not a blurry picture, what the fuck does it say? Using the Cosabella Talco Rosetta Underwear, I now know (from top row, left)
1. to wash in hot water (the little picture shows a trapezoid with water and a 30C in it);
2. not sure what a triangle with diagonal stripes means;
3. tumble dry (a square with a circle in it with a dot in the circle);
4. no iron (an iron with an X through it); and
5. (I think) no dry clean (a circle with an X through it).

Other symbols from the Cosabella Rosetta Underwear:
- a trapezoid with water and a hand in it = hand wash
- a triangle with an X through it = no bleach
- an iron with a dot in it = cool iron
- a square with a circle in it with an X through both shapes = no tumble dry
- a circle with a P in it = dry clean advised (not Parve, to those of you who keep kosher)

I can't believe I own underpants that are supposed to be dry cleaned. Nutty.