>I forgot to mention that I also noticed that airplane bathrooms, regardless of what "class" they serve on the plane, have the type of lighting and mirror positioning that allowed me to discover, unhappily, hairs in new places on my chin. Quite upsetting. I am convinced that my chin hair growth is directly tied to my husband's use of Rogaine. Since he frequently neglected to mention that he had it slathered on his head, I would come up to him to cuddle, and subsequently wind up with Rogaine on my chin. He denies that it would do this, but if Rogaine is supposed to stimulate growth in areas where there are hair follicles, then I don't see why it wouldn't turn a minor problem into a much bigger one on my chin. (Think about the implications for other areas! Ha ha ha...) My only consolation is that many of my friends seem to be battling chin hairs, so I'm obviously not a complete freak.