>A few years ago, while my sister was in college, my mom received a check for her in the mail. My mom took it to the bank to deposit it in her account, but the teller said that my sister had to endorse it, even if it was for deposit only into her own account. My sister went to college hundreds of miles away, though, so now the check would have to wait until she came home the next time. (Or until my mom could leave, sign my sister’s name for her, and come back again. Still annoying because it required another trip.)

As my mom was getting ready to leave the teller’s window, she asked if the bank had a bathroom.
“Yes,” the teller replied, “It’s to your right.”
“Good,” my mom replied, “because I need to make a deposit.”

The teller did not find it nearly as amusing as she should have, but my mom laughed all the way to the “bank.”