>The Bull Statue (known as “Charging Bull” or “Wall Street Bull Statue”) in the street island on Broadway at Bowling Green has more reason to file sexual assault complaints than any other statue in New York City. According to the New York Metro, the bull was created after the largest 24 hour stock decline in history (“Black Monday,” Oct. 19, 1987) by a local artist, who placed it in front of the Stock Exchange without permission, which police then moved to its current location. Legend has it that rubbing the testicles of the famous bull statue will bring you good luck. A close look at the bulls’ balls will show that many people have taken this advice to heart; his balls are rubbed so often, they are a different color than the rest of him. Incidentally, the bull is not the only well-endowed statue in town. There is a statue of a male elephant in the UN sculpture garden with life size genitals. When it comes to statues, it seems that the UN has the bigger balls.