>Goddamn fucking Without a Trace.  This is the second episode I’ve watched in two seasons where they give 100% FALSE information about reproductive rights:

1. Last season, there was an episode about some teen who got knocked up.  When she mentioned to the doctor that she was going to get an abortion, he told her that it was impossible to get an abortion in NYC after 14 weeks.  THIS COULD NOT BE MORE WRONG.  In fact, NYC is pretty much the only place on the East Coast where a woman can get an abortion up to the 24th week.  How many fucking women saw that on TV and if they are in need of a late term abortion, think that it is too late?!?!  Infuriating.

2. Possibly worse, tonight’s episode had a teen who was raped and wanted the morning-after pill, but thought that she needed her mom’s permission to get it.  FUCKING WRONG AGAIN, Without a Trace fucking assholes!  Now how many girls in bad situations are going to turn to the black market to try and get the morning-after pill when they can get a prescription without a parent’s permission.

I don’t know what fucking anti-choice assholes are on the staff, but I am sending a protest letter.  This shit seriously endangers the lives of women and I am fucking sick of it.