>Yay!  Typing cuss and other rants into the Google search engine will now return a link to this blog!  I have been eagerly awaiting this moment for some time (although not so eagerly that I have remembered to check within the last few weeks, so I have no idea when this momentous occasion officially came to pass).  I would celebrate with some cake, but I seem to have already eaten it all in the previous four days.  (List of cakes I have ingested: Wednesday: sour cream apple pie; Thursday: apple crumb pie; Oreo cheesecake; Friday: chocolate bobka; Saturday: apple crumb cake-finished it off; sour cream apple pie-finished it off.  Fortunately I gave the chocolate bobka and cheesecake to my cousin to take back to Sarah Lawrence College with her on Friday, or I’d have eaten the remains of those baked delicacies as well.  I did do some serious working out at the gym, though, so I’m not going to freak out too badly.  I did not, of course, see anyone plucking out chin hairs in my gym locker room, as my friend did.  I did shock my roommate at an abortion rights conference in Atlanta this past June by asking her to borrow her tweezers and plucking out my chin hairs.  She was impressed that I would do so in front of her.  We later went to a bakery for dinner, where I was surprised to find Dewberry, fresh off his stint on the reality show Hell’s Kitchen, behind the counter.)  

Wow, what an impressive digression.  Back to my delight at my blog’s Google availability, I think it is hilarious to report that the second site that appears when you search for cuss and other rants is none other than Rush Limbaugh Online: Rants, Articles, and Wisdom.  Somehow I doubt much wisdom can be found there, but I’m not going to find out.  The third site listed is my little link on the BUST magazine site, where they classified my blog as Sex-E: Info, Education, and Advice.  Believe me, I am grateful that they listed it on their girl wide web, but it doesn’t seem to fit the category of Info, Education, and Advice, with the result being that anyone who clicks on the link is bound to be disappointed.  (And perhaps explains why the site is given a rating of 5 out of 10 with two votes.  I know one of the two voters gave it a 9, so the other person clearly hated it.)

Anyway, thanks to all of you who have been reading CUSS & Other Rants!  I’ve really enjoyed writing for it over the last 6 weeks or so, and look forward to lots more posting, all the more so because now there’s a chance that some Rush Limbaugh fans will wind up here on accident.  Hilarious!