>Q: Your list of therapeutic foul and offensive words and phrases was very helpful to me (although I noticed you forgot one of your favorites – Jesus fucking Christ). What do you suggest we do to solve the problem of illegal immigration?

A: There is a very simple solution to the problem of illegal immigration. Let’s think about why many (if not most) illegal immigrants come here: job opportunities. Like pretty much everyone else on the planet, illegal immigrants come here to make a better living and to support their families. So who is responsible for fostering illegal immigration? Corporations that continue to break the law by hiring illegal immigrants because they are a supply of cheap and easily exploitable labor. Want someone who is not going to complain if you pay him $1.00 an hour, force him to work 15 hour days for no overtime pay, or if you sexually harass her? If we crack down on the real criminals (corporations that indirectly encourage people to come here illegally because it is known that they will overlook your immigration status) instead of focusing on rounding up illegal immigrants and deporting them or wasting money on fucking stupid fences that have never worked and will never work, I’m pretty sure we can make a big dent in illegal immigration. Thanks for asking!