>My friend works at a hospital in Chicago. One evening as she was preparing to go home, a gentleman came in with “obtuse abdominal pain,” meaning, a really fucking bad stomach ache. Turns out that morning after his wife went to work he decided to have some fun on his own and rammed a 12 inch dildo up his ass. Now there is nothing wrong with using dildos, anally or vaginally. However, one must always be careful when doing so, especially when using foot-long dildos that might go very, very far up your rectum and cause damage. This guy was not careful enough and thus ripped a hole in his colon. Shit proceeded to leak out of his colon and filled his abdominal cavity. This was not good. Now he has a colostomy bag. So please, when pleasuring yourself or your mate, be careful. I don’t think it will be nearly as fun if you later need to use the dildo on your colostomy hole because you broke your ass.