>Here’s an interesting discovery: the women who do Brazilian waxes are fairly disgusted by them. I learned this because someone I know is in the process of becoming a licensed waxing professional. Most of the women in her class were extremely reluctant to learn how to do Brazilians, and their instructor basically forced them to do so. It seems that the idea of pouring hot wax into another woman’s crotch and pullin' out poon hair is disturbing.

On a similar topic, it seems that a large number of women who get Brazilian waxes do not bother bathing before doing so. There is definitely a class thing going on here, which I’ve always found uncomfortable. It’s like the wealthy women who get the procedure don’t consider the women who perform them to be people. Think about it: how often do you go around spreading your legs to your friends? It would be a tad embarrassing to do so. But if you don’t consider your waxer to be an equal, than who cares what she sees? She’s just there to pull the hairs out of your pussy, so why even bother exhibiting any courtesy like not reeking? Bitches.