>Things I have in common with Rush Limbaugh:

  1. We are both angry people.

  2. We both live in New York.

  3. We are both white.

  4. We both have lost weight over the last few years.

  5. We both have trouble hearing.

Things I do not have in common with Rush Limbaugh:

  1. I have never fraudulently obtained prescription drugs, wither directly or by forcing others to fill my fraudulent prescriptions

  2. I have never been a drug addict.

  3. I am not a fucking asshole.

  4. I believe in a social contract between myself and others, and that basic human decency and compassion are essential to a functioning society.

  5. I did not get wealthy by being a fucking asshole.  (In fact, I am not wealthy.)

  6. People who like me are not mindless zombie fucks.

  7. Unfortunately, I do not have my own radio show.