>Great documentary film, and also appropros of the situation in France right now. Well, I guess not technically Paris, but its exurbs and other cities. Anyway, yes, I am trekking to Paris this weekend despite the excitement, where I hope to spend a relaxing weekend eating cheese, chocolate, crepes, pan au chocolat, and cannelais. (Thank goodness for my new anti-crapping medicine! Although it does seem to be losing its effectiveness, so I can only hope for the best. I broke a toilet once in London and hate to relive the experience with snotty French people. This sounds oddly similar to my plans for 2 weekends ago, when we had a wine, cheese, and chocolate party, and it did not wind up being relaxing at all. Fortunately, my husband’s ugly orange shirt is out of my life, so at least I won’t have that eyesore searing a hole in my eye sockets, which is a good start.) As my husband reported, the forecast this weekend is for rain and flaming Peugeots, but we plan to have a good (safe) time nonetheless.

Ah, France - land of smoking, mistresses, and hairy armpits. While I loathe the first two, I am pleased to be going to a place where I will not be frowned upon if I go out in a tank top. Of course, since it is November, the odds that I will be doing so are very slim, but it warms my heart to think of the possibilities. Anyway, I hope to have many exciting hairy (but not hair-raising) adventures to report upon my return to États-Unis.