>While I am not nearly as enthusiastic about the stuff it represents, I do love the word jizz. First of all, it not only has a j in it, but it also has two z’s. How awesome is that? It makes it great fun to write in cursive.

According to the official rules of Scrabble as listed on the lid of my Scrabble box, you slang words are legal for play. Jizz is one of those words that could bring you a lot of points if you are so fortunate to have drawn the only J (worth 8 points) and Z (worth 10 points) in the set, plus a blank. Just putting jizz on the board will give you 29 points (the I is worth 1 and the blank is worth 0). If you strategize, and can put jizz in the upper corner of the board, you can get the Z on double letter score and get a triple word score, for the mother lode of 87 points!!! And for extra bonus fun, add a Y (4 points) for jizzy. With no bonus points, now you’re up to 33 points on a single turn, and 99 points max for the double letter score-triple word score punch. See why jizz is so much fun?

There are several hilarious definitions of the word jizz that I found on urbandictionary.com. In order (of how amusing I find them):

  • second most versatile word in the english language (the first being "fuck"), means semen, or the act of ejaculating.

Dude, you're full of jizz...There's jizz all over everything!!!...Hold on I am about to jizz...I jizzed all over your mother last night.
cum, sperm, semen, ejaculation, jizz
Source: Von Borque, U.S., Oct 1, 2005

  • The white, sticky, salty, creamy tasting substance that comes out of the penis. That guys seem to think girls should swallow. Hey? How about YOU swallow it! okay?

His jizz went in my mouth and I swallowed it. It really didn't taste very good.
Source: Cathy, Mar 18, 2003

I tried to find the official etymology of the term jizz, but unfortunately my slang dictionary is in my old bedroom at my parents’ house in the Chicago area, and online slang dictionaries are not helpful for historically accurate information. They only give you crap like what I found above. Funny stuff, I grant you, but not official.