>I love roadtrips, strange museums, and eccentric people dedicated to a cause. I read all about interesting historic sites, crazy monuments, nostalgic diners, and buildings designed to resemble something else (for example, a building in the shape of a giant duck on Long Island). All of these places are there to lure me out of the car and my money out of my wallet, and yet I love every second of it, even when the actual site does not quite live up to the hype. Whenever I travel, I try to go and see the weird stuff, like the Paris Sewer Museum or the Zurich Medical History Museum (which was awesome, but would have been even better had there been any signage in English). This weekend in Paris, I wanted to go to the Musée de l'Érotisme, but we ran out of time. I'm hoping that I'll get back to Paris and definitely check out the collection of everyday obects shaped like cocks. (I went to sex museums in Amsterdam and Berlin, and they were pretty fun. Except for the extremely disturbing and disgusting bestiality section at the museum in Amsterdam. Shit, that was nasty. I think a few brain cells die every time I think about that.)

Closer to home, I have found that there are plenty of ridiculous things to see and do that don’t require me to fly across the world, just rent a car. A few years ago, I went on a roadtrip around New York State. I saw the World’s Largest and Second Largest Kaleidoscopes, an unfinished castle on an island in a Great Lake, the Jell-O Museum, and the Museum of Glass. Traveling rocks.

*Adventures in Babysitting is one of the best movies ever, and not just because it was the first movie I was allowed to see with a friend and no parents. I am serious!