>In Paris, as I was looking at all manner of ridiculous underwear that required the wearer to walk around with a string tucked in her ass crack, I began to wonder if a thong was the equivalent of a jock strap for women. As the photos below show, the comparison is close, but not quite right.

A close look will reveal that both types of under garments have a genital pouch in front: for men, the pooch pouch; for women, the cooch pouch. On the other hand, I think this little photo study shows that men are much smarter than women when it comes to wearing genital-protecting underwear. The strings on jock straps support their asses. They do not wear a string in their ass. My husband also informed me (after he asked me why I was downloading pictures of jock straps on our home computer) that men can wear underwear with a jock strap and that the strap is really just there to hold the cup in place. Once again, the men have better undergarments, as this means that the strings in the back can be separated from the skin and presumably gallons of sweat that men will generate as they run around in their jock.

Score: Men = 10; Women = 0. Touche, men, touche. (Or should I say "Tushie, men, tushie"?)