>I am extremely impressed by the powerful flush of the toilets in the women's bathroom at my office. For people with digestive ailments, it is extremely important to have a toilet that can handle large loads, whether a bowl full of mush or a single ginormous turd the size of a baby's arm. While I understand the need for "environmentally friendly" toilets that use less water, those are my worst nightmares. My former apartment had a toilet that clogged frequently because the incompetent fuck who was our super "fixed" a leak by putting in the wrong piece. Fortunately, I did not have my digestive ailment at that point, or we could not have lasted very long at that place. Our current apartment has very adequate flushing capacity, so I can't complain.

I suppose this whole posting isn't very "ladylike" (shocking), but the truth is that women, despite rumors to the contrary, shit. To paraphrase an adage from my hometown Chicago, I find that I often shit early, and shit often. It's important to know that I've got a toilet who's got my back. Strong women need strong toilets.