>Earlier I posted a list of words and phrases that I find amusing that difuse tension for me. I was thinking about some other things that I like to utter either aloud or in my head at various times, and I realized that I have a whole repetoire of religious words and phrases that make me feel better.

  • Mother of God
  • Jesus Cristo
  • Holy Moses!
  • Saints alive! (OK, I've never used this one, but now that I've thought of it, I certainly will incorporate it into my lexicon.)
  • Good lord or good god

These are all very nice phrases I can use at times where saying "Fucknuts!" might not be appropriate, although fucknuts is by far the most hilarious thing I have ever said. Man, that cracks me up. (While I often say "holy shit," "holy fuck," or as mentioned in Suzanne's Simple Solutions to Complex Policy Problems #1, "Jesus Fucking Christ," those really are more on the foul and offense side of things, despite the inclusion of the word holy or the name of a prominent religious figure.)