>I am quite lucky so far in that none of my friends have stopped speaking to me as a result of my blog, and in fact, have been very supportive and enthusiastic. Because I could totally understand if someone read it and realized that I am a judgmental bitch and decided to never talk to me again (although I fully realize that some people are friends with me precisely because I am a judgmental bitch with an agenda with which they happen to agree). So I am all the more pleased by the following exchange I had with a friend on email:

Friend: I have to admit to wearing thongs when working out :)
Me: And it doesn't bother you? I can't see how that is comfortable. But then again, you may have noticed that I have a lot of rigid preconceived notions. Maybe I will have to try it out myself and then I can write about it...
Friend: Actually, I find it more comfortable. Keeps me from getting wedgies! I think you do need to try out some of the things that you rant against. We will start with thongs at the gym and maybe even move onto a waxing. :) You can't rail against stuff you haven't tried and I am a firm believer that a little bit of wax (not totally bald, that is gross) used by both parties is a good thing.

While I disagree on two points (1. I rail very nicely against stuff I’ve never tried – that’s the beauty of being a slight hypocrite; and 2. I have tried waxing and it usually results in ingrown hairs and rashes, so I’m no more attractive than I was as a hairy ape), I agree that I should investigate the thong thing more fully. Hence I pledge that I will purchase a thong and a g-string (the latter because I find it hysterical) and test them out, with a full report to be issued at CUSS. I love these little experiments/undercover ops where I pretend to be a normal female and most likely fail miserably, which results in fine tragicomedy. Stay tuned.