>Seriously, you ask someone to do a simple task (like a take a picture with their digital camera) and you'd think they might try and do it right. I had promised to post a picture of my friend eating enormous quantities of fried foods at a state fair while wearing (and amply filling out, I might add) a t-shirt that hilariously says "I beat anorexia." Now look at the picture below carefully and note the following problems:

1. Unless I mentioned that the shirt read "I beat anorexia," no one would know that.

2. My friend is only eating a deep fried cheeseburger, and while that is completely disgusting, it is not the full meal of fried foods she consumed. She also had deep fried twinkies and a plate of fries as a side dish.

One of the important features of a digital camera is you can review your picture on the spot and retake it if it didn't come out as planned. This clearly did not happen. So I am sorry that it not only took me a long time to figure out something as simple as posting a picture in a blogger post, but that the picture is not satisfactory.