>I adore TV crime shows. I watch CSI:Miami religiously (although it’s as much for David Caruso’s ludicrous acting as much as the criminal investigation aspects), Law & Order: SVU, Law & Order, and CSI. (I used to enjoy Without a Trace, but last season they had an episode in which a girl is told that it is not possible to get an abortion in New York state after 14 weeks, which is dangerously incorrect information.) My favorite television show of all time is NYPD Blue. (Oh, Dennis Franz, how I miss your craggy ass!)

Here’s why I love television crime shows: TV crime shows are the ultimate escape fantasy. Unlike in real life, someone (ultimately the correct someone) pays for the crime - even if the person is rich, powerful, and connected. Sometimes on crime shows, as in real life, it is discovered that the wrong person has been convicted. The difference is that on TV, cops and prosecutors actually care that the wrong person has been convicted and they work to free the wrongly convicted and imprison the true perpetrator. On TV, it is not about someone’s conviction rate; it is about getting the truth and getting real justice to the victims. If only cases could be satisfactorily resolved all the time in real life.