>Like most women, I have worn bathing suits before. The bottoms of most bathing suits come to right below the crotch, so most women, unless they wear something over their bathing suits, need to shave or wax their “bikini line” if they want to look “decent” (i.e. - don’t want pubic hair hanging out all over the place). However, merely removing the offensive hair does not guarantee that you’ll look decent by any means. As I mentioned, I’ve worn bathing suits and that means I’ve had to deal with my bikini line. If the resulting bumpy rash and angry red welts are sexy, then I’m the hottest chick at the pool or beach, as the area certainly becomes inflamed and itchy. I know I’m not the only one with this problem, either. Many of my friends have commented that they can’t go to the pool or beach without shorts because they shaved their bikini line and have a gross rash to show for their efforts. Who are these super fem women who don’t have this problem? Not that I go around staring at people’s bikini lines, but not everyone seems to be affected by this problem. Unless you are one of the chosen ones, your body is sending a message that the hair is there for a reason and will not go without consequences. It’s probably better to just leave the area alone in the first place and wear a vintage bathing suit from the 1920s that goes covers approximately to the knees.