> Great news! The Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bra, which I wrote about on Nov. 21, is indeed custom made! I learned this by calling the Victoria's Secret phone number listed on the Fantasy Bra page on their website. I was disappointed to discover that this was not a special number just for the Fantasy Bra, but the regular catalogue ordering center. I had imagined it would be a special hotline, like the red emergency phones you see on the President's desk in cartoons and movies. I mean, if you are going to spend $12.5 million on a bra, you should not have to be put on hold with all the other paeons ordering flannel pajammas. I now suspect that they don't actually really believe that some elderly rich Texan oil magnate will buy this for his young wife or mistress, but that it is a publicity ploy! Can you believe that?!?!

Anyway, when the customer service rep answered, I was very clear about my mission: I told her that I was curious about the Fantasy Bra. Was it was pre-made or is it custom made, I inquired. She assured me that it was custom made. I said that was good; for $12.5 million, a bra should be made to fit, and she agreed. Then I asked her what they would do with the bra that Heidi Klum wore during the fashion show (and is posing for pictures in). The customer service rep was puzzled, and said she imagined that they'd take it apart to make the new one. I thanked her for answering my burning questions and putting my mind to rest, and we both were cracking up as we hung up.