>It's very clear that I have class issues. Pretty much I resent people who have grown up with every advantage in life who have no appreciation for what they've been given. Worse, when people whine about how they deserve it because they "work so hard," as if a person who works at three minimum wage jobs to make ends meet has no idea what hard work is. (Hello, Paris Hilton, as a mere expample of the guilty.) So I have no idea how the following two things came to be:

1. I am for some reason on the Bergdorf Goodman e-mail list. The emails started coming about 3 months ago. What the fuck is that? I have only stepped into a Bergdorf Goodman once in my life, and that was when my husband's bitch friend from high school insisted that I come wedding dress shopping with her in the fall of 1999. (For the record, dresses started at $6,000, which was too high for her, too.) I sure as hell didn't touch anything while I was there (for fear of setting off an alaram - as in, "Oh a commoner is touching something! Beware! Beware!"), let alone sign my freaking student email address on any papers. Yet this afternoon, I got an email helpfully alerting me to their free shipping offer*(*on orders of $175 or more, which I misread initially as $1750) and the Jimmy Choo spring collection. Oh irony, I love you so.

2. On the flip side, I am dreading a flight I am taking this weekend because it is on ATA. ATA is the Greyhound of airlines. As I have mentioned before, I have a mysterious digestive ailment which can cause me to have seriously foul (maloderous, in medical parlance) gas. I have been struck this week with particularly rank farts. So I was relieved that I was flying ATA instead of another airline since I figure only the paeons like me will be on the plane. Very sad state of affiars indeed.