>The “sport shop” at my gym sells essentials for working out, like sports bras, shorts, tank tops, yoga pants, and Cosabella low-rider g-strings. I mean, how can any woman be expected to workout in something as unfashionable and useless as cotton briefs? You don’t want unsightly panty lines in your clingy yoga pants as you sashay across the gym. The attention should be on your flat tummy and pert breasts. On the other hand, if you actually plan to exercise and get sweaty, a g-string doesn’t strike me as a wise choice of undergarment. It seems rather gross to have a thin string in your ass as you run on the treadmill or use the Stairmaster. Recently, I also discovered that when you wear skin tight workout pants, your g-string (or thong) is as noticeable as briefs, so there's no point to it at all.

Score: 10 for me and my comfy cottons, 0 for the fashionistas and ass floss.