>People (myself included) have been bemoaning the death of unions these days, but I recently had some heartening news that unions are alive and kicking, just in some very odd places. For example, it seems that the jizz moppers are part of a bigger union. (For those of you who have not seen the movie Clerks – and you should remedy that oversight immediately – a jizz mopper is the person who cleans the booths at peep shows. I didn’t even know that there were many peep shows left in NYC after Giuliani, but it seems that what is left of the industry is organized, bless their hearts. And those union members are not taking any crap from management lying down! Grievances have been filed against managers who won’t allow workers to come as often as needed because they don’t want to pay overtime. (Damn, this post really writes itself, doesn’t it?) These folks sure know how to fight for their rights! Long live Jizz Moppers Local 237!