>Bonjour!  I am back from my grand weekend in Paris, where I did eat a lot of chocolat, macaroons (not the nasty coconut things, but very tasty sandwich cookies), and not enough fromage.  However, while I was in Paris, I did learn what too much fromage can do to a nation and also why the word toilet is in eau d’toilette.  There appears to be a very intimate connection between perfume and toilets in Paris.  Pretty much every public bathroom I used, from the fanciest department stores to the airport, seemed to smell like a very unpleasant combination of heavy perfume and a sewer.  Using a lot of eau d’toilette, does not, in fact, make the bathroom smell better.  In fact, it makes it smell like a field of flowers covered in shit.  This is far worse than just the smell of shit alone.  In fact, I used to have this problem at home after my husband took a particularly unpleasant dump.  Instead of opening the bathroom window to let it air out, he liked to spray some supposedly berry-scented air freshener.  The fake berry and shit combo is exceptionally foul. Fake berries do not cover up a bad crap; as my husband himself admitted, it just makes the entire room smell like a dingleberry.  (Damn, that cracks me up.)

Incidentally, I am very pleased that I have returned in time for CSI:Miami.  If I can’t fave my favorite redheaded husband (he remains in Paris on business), then at least I get my favorite crappy redheaded actor.  Hurrah!