>I changed my mind: sometimes you do better know when you are seven years old what hairstyle looks good on you than when you are 29 years old. Initially I was pleased with the haircut, although it made my look stylish and my own age, two things I try and avoid. (Well, I don't try to not look stylish, but I never really do anyway.) But...

Things are not looking pretty after I washed my hair last night. When I woke up this morning, I looked like an escapee from a lunatic asylum - definitely a look I try and avoid. I remembered the burned out hippie who cut my hair warned me that i'd probably have to wet it down in the morning and put gel in it. Fuck! I hate doing anything but combing my hair, and I escpecially loathe hair products. Now I'm going to have to make some effort in the morning so I can vaguely resemble a functional human being every day. Damn damn damn. This is why I deliberately chose not to get this cut about 3 months ago. Only 6 months before it will look relatively normal again with my preferred lack of effort... I hope. At least if you make a mistake cutting off your crotch hair, you can very easily hide it. And it'll grow back within a week, anyway.

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