>I am very excited!  Yesterday I got my first email response to this blog that is from someone I don’t know.  (I would have said from someone who is a stranger, but the people who’ve posted and emailed me thus far are known to me and definitely stranger than the average person.  This is not meant as an insult, but a high compliment.)  Anyway, I thought “Social Drunk” had a valid point (note: I copied and pasted with no editing):

ok, i understand why you feel this way. my girl doesnt like to shave either. i myself dont like to shave my face. while i love cunalingus, and trust me - i LOVE IT - i dont enjoy chewing on the back of someone's head - which is what it feels like in my mouth. i'm sure you dont like a big over-furry cock in your mouth either. i shaved my area to be on equal terms with my gal, and i actually like it better. you dont have to shave it bare or anything, but keep it trimmed. a mustache is cute, a my-pet-monster is not.

I’m very happy to hear that “Social Drunk” is willing to do maintenance if he asks his girlfriend to do so.  It’s only fair.  Another female friend of mine also noted that some maintenance down there is a good thing.  While she’s getting laser hair removal on her bikini line only (she agrees that completely bare is weird) to address the issue on a semi-permanent basis, I add that one of my objections to shaving that sensitive area is the prevalence of ingrown hairs as the hairs go back and razor burn.  Both are gross and uncomfortable, and look like shit anyway.  My co-workers and I were discussing the re-growth issue, and we agree that it is a significant issue that should be added to the “to shave or not to shave” debate.

At any rate, I thank Social Drunk for his useful comments, and for cracking me up.  (A “big over-furry cock” is hilarious to me.  Although also a terrifying image.)  It also made me think of the possibility of promoting pubic floss as a natural and fun alternative to dental floss for earth-loving hippies.