>I just hate when my full-time job gets in my way of blogging. This morning I was at an interesting meeting in which City officials presenting a long overdue plan for reforming the child care subsidy system, which is why I haven't posted all day. But I was very pleased with their plan. Lately I’ve been extremely frustrated by the lack of progress I’ve seen over my 8 year career in child care facilities development and advocacy. I was trying to think about what brought me into this field in the first place, other than my dedication to fairness, equal opportunity, social justice, and all that shit. I realized that it must be the fact that I find the word “doody” and doody jokes to be utterly hilarious, as do most kids who are in child care. Every time I do a site visit, I know I can just shout out “doody” and instantly have 20 people fall on the floor laughing. Very few comedians have that kind of track record with audiences.