>So I admit that I have definitely fretted over surveys that show that men prefer women with landscaped bushes or no bush at all. (Although I agree that when it comes to presidents, I also prefer no Bush, but that's not quite the same thing.) My husband, fortunately, is an accepting guy and doesn't demand that I engage in any special pubic grooming. But god forbid anything should happen to my husband. Not only would I miss him terribly, but I'd have to confront the possibility that no one will want me and my unkempt bod. This causes me great consternation.

I was partly reassured recently, then, when my friend told me about a doctor at the hospital she works at and his recent reaction to a patient. Basically, one of the residents was prepping a woman to have a breast biopsy. Once the patient was ready, he covered her up and left the room for a few minutes to scrub. The attending doctor, a gentleman in his 60s, went in the room and pulled the sheet off the patient. Immediately, he covered her back up and went to find the resident to talk to him about what was going on. The attending confronted the resident as he was finishing scrubbing and demanded to know why the he shaved the patient's crotch when they were just doing a breast biopsy. What was wrong with him - was he deliberately trying to get sued? The resident was amused, and explained that no, he didn't do anything inappropriate. The patient came that way. The attending was quite befuddled. He shook his head and asked the resident why anyone would want to shave all her pubic hair off.

When I heard this story, I realized that there are other men in the world who don't mind when women look like grown women. On the other hand, it depressed me a little because I realized that I might have to date people older than my father to find that attitude. Oy vey. Let's just hope nothing ever happens to my husband (and not only because I don't want to have to wax my box).