>I was at the gym this evening, running on the treadmill, thinking that I might pass out if I didn’t stop running within the next two minutes, when an angel appeared before my eyes. An angel with pubic hair. I was a little concerned that I might have overdone it since I seemed to be having visions, but when I slowed down and finally focused my eyes, I realized that the angel was not some hallucination resulting from lack of air and/or dehydration. In fact, I was staring at an extremely large tattoo on the neck of the super beefy (in a muscle-y way) Asian guy running on the treadmill in front of me. His naked angel tattoo was quite sexy, and did indeed have a dark patch tattooed on the angel’s crotch area. A true miracle! (I considered congratulating him on his excellent taste in naked women, but I thought that might freak him out. But maybe one day I can give him a special CUSS badge or something.)