>Wow, what a great title for a porn movie, although I suspect it’s already been used. (Those porn industry folk are always crafting clever little take offs of mainstream flicks, so why not music?) Anyway, I was walking up the street on my way to a doctor’s appointment and some fake blonde was ahead of me on the sidewalk smoking her extremely little ass off and polluting my lungs as her smoke blew back in my face. I sped up to get around her, and as I passed, I noticed how crappy she looked with blond hair. Her dark brown eyes and black eyebrows clashed with the light blond locks. “Stupid bitch,” I thought to myself, “what the hell were you thinking?”
It’s not just her, though. It’s women everywhere who for no apparent reason seem to believe that blonds have more fun. Maybe that is the real cause for so many women having their pubic hair permanently removed via lasers or by enduring painful waxing: they think they can get away with the blonde if they remove the contradictory evidence. Well, that’s only effective if you also dye your brows and get colored contacts. What’s the point? Why not just wear a Halloween mask all the time if you so badly want to disguise your natural looks? It’s cheaper and less effort.

Sometimes I wonder if there’s some cabal of evil men out there who amuse themselves by hatching new ridiculous trends and seeing how long it takes to get large numbers of women to buy into the concept. I guess it got too easy, since now men are starting to get into crazy trends about their appearance. Did the cabal guys get bored or did a rival cabal of evil women form to give men a taste of their own medicine when it comes to beauty standards? I hope there is an evil female cabal and that they one day ask me to join. That’d be awesome.